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TOPIC atoz
Dr. Seuss 37
dr. seuss 9
Dr Seuss 7
dr seuss 7
podcast 7
poetry 6
The Cat in the Hat 5
World War II 5
art 5
CallaxianTitan 4
Rare 4
Training Film 4
blorpy 4
flob 4
improv 4
poem 4
rhyme 4
verse 4
Beefheart 3
Frank Zappa 3
Lewis Carroll 3
The Lorax 3
Video game 3
Whitman 3
World War, 1939-1945 3
agnes steck 3
aleatoric 3
aught 3
creative 3
dec3199 3
expression 3
free verse 3
fun 3
green eggs and ham 3
living books 3
made up 3
nonsense 3
reading 3
word painting 3
writing 3
yeah 3
&5 % white at this school 2
1 in 50 2
@mikemcgintyface on twitter 2
African American studies I can see 2
Afro covers my face 2
Afro hair in my mouth 2
American Dream 2
Anal is not my favorite thing 2
Anthony Cumia's father getting him laid at 13 2
Attempting to interview my wife when she woke up during this show 2
BET awards 2
Being an asshole during that show 2
Bernie Sanders is a socialist 2
Better in theory than in practice 2
Beyond The Pale 2
Big government is NOT the answer 2
Big government waste 2
Bill Burr talking about Caitlin Jenner 2
Black leaders should address those REAL issues 2
Black men who made a false claim of racial attack 2
Black on white crime 2
Bone thugz and harmony and Tupac for the outro 2
Books 2
Burt Krisher is live on periscope 2
Buying drugs from a clown while on hallucinogenic drugs 2
Bye periscope 2
Can't have the dog crawling all over me live on periscope 2
Capitalism works 2
Changing tone once I see how young the daughters are 2
Class on the black lives matter movement 2
Covino and Rich are live on periscope 2
Cruz and Rubio Vs. Trump 2
Cruz and Rubio are too religious 2
Cuba 2
Daily news is doing a better job of reporting fairly 2
Disparity between social classes in Cuba 2
Diversity over most qualified? 2
Does he sell drugs dressed as a clown? 2
Does he want to talk about period sex again? 2
Doesn't say the ages or which STD 2
Don't ask for hand outs based solely on race 2
Don't friend request me on facebook if I don't know you 2
Dr. King and I agree here 2
Dr. Seuss and Social Issues 2
Drug dealers don't care about age 2
Drugs I would outright legalize 2
Emma Watson uses expensive sex site 2
Ending the periscope show 2
Fellas let your ball bag hang 2
Finish your words you fucking asshole 2
First name Mercy 2
Fixing the health care system without resorting to socialized medicine 2
Flash live on periscope 2
Flash live on periscope again 2
Follow me on twitter 2
Free drugs with treatment 2
Free market health care system works better 2
Fuck this story 2
Fuck you 2
Fuck you for not watching my videos 2
Funny lines in the article 2
Funny or Die Video Archive 2
Ghetto party 2
Give people back their own money and they will be more inclined to donate to charity 2
Giving a helping hand through charity 2
Giving and receiving 2
Go watch him 2
Go watch that shit 2
Going through an old show 2
Great Rich Vos impression 2
Greater accessibility to minor if drugs remain illegal 2
Guilty white people 2
Has the show been good so far? 2
He also enjoys the vagina 2
He claims he was set up 2
He claims that he is not black but he takes up a lot of black causes 2
He compared him to Rachel Dolezal 2
He doesn't want to talk 2
He is not a fan 2
He makes me seem sane 2
He said he had a yeast infection and was applying powder 2
He told me to chill 2
He's a vet? 2
He's back 2
He's like Dr. Seuss 2
Healthcare 2
Help me with promotional ideas 2
Her sex history 2
Hijacking pay checks is how 2
Hillary? 2
His answer is yes 2
His he glasses that he lost already 2
His name is very regal sounding 2
Hot dogs matter 2
House of Cards 2
How do you like them apples? 2
How efficient is a trip to the DMV? 2
How his show changed over the years 2
How the fuck are we going to pay for free everything? 2
How we ended up with the talk 2
Howard Stern impression 2
Howard Stern impression again 2
Howard Stern mentioned in the presidential debate 2
However there is another life inside of you 2
I accidentally start watching Mike Calta's video 2
I am ALL about personal freedom 2
I am not a Trump supporter 2
I am not a racist 2
I am not voting for any of those guys 2
I apologize deeply and sincerely for not looking into it 2
I call him over 2
I can't believe that's still going on 2
I can't stop the periscope broadcast 2
I could pull it off 2
I do respect what he did in radio 2
I don't know if I'm digging my hair 2
I don't like Howard these days 2
I don't want to talk about all politics 2
I forgot about the woman that sent me her music video 2
I have been lacking on the slide show videos 2
I have not had an issue with a black person that I can recall 2
I haven't seen anything that scream racism 2
I know the struggle like Rich Vos 2
I like it 2
I look better this way 2
I look handsome with an afro 2
I may just ramble nonsensically for the entire show 2
I may or may not do that story 2
I pepper in fuck 2
I put a lot of work into this 2
I recall something like that 2
I reversed the camera 2
I said I was going to do another show last week 2
I shouldn't insult myself 2
I spent a long time on periscope today 2
I support the community 2
I support you if you're into threesomes 2
I talk about Anthony too much 2
I think I have a decent piece 2
I think I was proven right 2
I think he peaked around the time his movie came out and then he went Hollywood elitist douche bag 2
I think people find me annoying 2
I voted for Mitt 2
I want this show to be more about humor not rallying against that guy 2
I was going to play it 2
I will continue for now 2
I will do it for you 2
I will go for it when offered but do not seek it out 2
I will start one when I find a story to do 2
I would have loved that at 17 2
I would rather pay a little more and have better care 2
I'm a drug legalizer 2
I'm a liar 2
I'm a nice person 2
I'm all about it 2
I'm an asshole 2
up-solid down-solid